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JWP is a one stop production environment that can professionally create, re-create, or replace any element of film and tv audio production. Re-creating sound arounds, complete musical scores in any genre, dialog editing, ADR, dialog mixing, and all other aspects of audio post production including sound design and foley.


Johnny is unique in that he can move effortlessly between Dialog Editing, Sound Design, Music Composition/Production and Surround Sound Mixing, while still embracing the subtleties that exist within each genre.

Above all, he is relentless when it comes to deadlines, producing striking work complete and on time. His references will certainly and happily attest.


A true musician with a performance background, Johnny now expertly blends organic instruments with industry standard software to create well-rounded scores for film and television.


Being mentored by Roger Nichols, Michael Verdick and Dale Everingham in music production and Tamara Johnson, Solange Schwalbe and Vicky Sampson in post-production, has been a life changing experience. It opened doors to work with Joni Mitchel, Too Short, Patricia Arquette, Martin Sheen, French Stewert, Danny Trejo, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anders Holm (“Workaholics”) Tim Meadows (“Ladies Man”), as well as writers Carl Gottlieb (“Jaws” “The Jerk”) and John Gatins (“Flight” “Coach Carter”) and many others. Johnny has worked on over 60 film and television projects as well as writing and producing the up and coming series, Jungle to Jungle.




"I recognize that composing, sound design, and even mixing express nuanced yet essential elements of the creator's vision that cannot be delivered via storyline or visuals."




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